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The Silk Road


Classic Cantonese with Modern Flair


The Silk Road serves classic Cantonese cuisine with a 21st-century edge, the dishes being rooted in age-old traditions yet inspired by modern interpretations and cooking techniques. Along with sourcing the finest ingredients and extracting the authentic, natural flavors, the artistic presentation of each dish by the kitchen adds a further sensory experience for the guest.


Ambience and Décor

The design evokes an earlier era, drawing upon the Art Deco style that was popular in Shanghai during the 1920s, but brought up to date with modern artworks and comfort. Plum-colored wooden doors and cabinets, glass screens inlaid with gold tracery, a marble mosaic floor, and stylish retro lighting combine to bring an air of elegance and intimacy to the restaurant.



The concept of "Modern Authenticity" is to the forefront of the menu, in which the chefs respect the heritage of the recipes and traditions and present them for a modern audience. The signature Peking duck uses only the finest ducks, marinated with Chinese wine, herbs, ginger, sugar and natural red-bean coloring before grilling to produce skin that is exceptionally crispy and thin but succulent, carved into 20 satisfying morsels of exactly the same size. Seasonal ingredients, and the ingenuity of the kitchen, ensure that each visit reveals a different experience. The selection of the choicest Chinese teas is also presented with a ritual based upon tradition. The a la carte contains a listing of approximately 40 dishes. Set menus are available. A special business set lunch menu combines dim sum, rice, soup and tea. Most dishes are designed for sharing, in traditional Chinese style. A full selection of world wines is served.



42 seats in main dining room, and 48 seats in five private rooms


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Background Chinese instruments

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